Three powerful words for positivity.

The logo on my new T-shirt (UNIQLO – design by Grace Lee)

I bought a new T-shirt today – half price, which is always good.

I didn’t think too much about the logo on front at the time – other than it not being too bright or tacky.

While on the bus home, I thought about the 3 words on the T-shirt.

Can before can’t

What powerful words.

So often do we put road blocks in the way before we even start something new in our lives, our self talk can be destructive and stop us from trying new things. I’ve been guilty of this in the past with my inner self telling me:

  • I’m too old
  • No point starting because I’ll never finish
  • What’s the point, anyway?
  • I can’t do this – I’m a woman
  • And lots more – too many to list.

We all need to have goals in our lives. Whether it be planning the next holiday, family or religious events, weight-loss, fitness etc. From a personal perspective, I feel a little adrift when I’m not working towards something.

If we decide we can’t do something before we even give it try then how do we know what we might have achieved? Achieving a goal leads to confidence in your abilities and it feels great!

I’m a much more optimistic person these days, even after a cancer diagnosis 4 years ago. I believe that if we think we can achieve a goal that’s a great starting point. Take one step at a time and deal with obstacles as they arise.

Don’t stress about what can go wrong – focus on what can go right.

I’m excited about new opportunities that await, I set myself challenging goals (like doing a chin-up at the gym) and we are planning our next holiday into the outback of Australia.

So when thinking about a new project don’t let the first thing that pops into your head is I can’t do it.

Let those thoughts be I CAN do it – its amazing what you achieve if you put your mind to it.